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article imageThe Schizophrenic Existence Of The DJ Community

By Bob Norman     Mar 12, 2007 in
Do you ever start to believe your own avatar?
I'm a Wolfman. Well,not really but sometimes I forget that. I came to a strange realization the other day while I was looking through my Gmail contacts that I lead a double life. I've never hesitated to give other DJers my email, it's quicker and easier than using the user contact option, but this has led to a major issue. I have no idea who some of the people in my contact list are because the names are different from their DJ screen names. I suppose I could just go down the list and email everyone and ask who they are but, that just seems rude to me. It ends up that,even though I have their email, I keep using the user contact to get in touch. This reeks of a split personality!
The Wolf is me but I'm not sure that I'm the Wolf. The Wolfman says and does things that seem to have a life of their own. He hunts, he kills, he frolics with felines and I sit on the sidelines and just observe. Sometimes I start to wonder just who's running the show?
So,my question is this, how real is your avatar? How much of you is behind your mask? While I'm sure that many of you are just like you appear I'm sure there are others who are nothing like their online personalities. How many of you wonder if Khee is really a shy 12 year old girl?
Tell me why you might be more like your avatar then you'd like to admit. Now excuse me,I need to go prowl the forest in search of blood!
( I think I need help!)
To any new visitors to this post,welcome to the insanity. It may seem intimidating to read all the comments but you'll probably enjoy it! Just because you haven't jumped in yet, don't be afraid to join the party! All comments are welcome and silly is the rule.
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