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article image"Reduced focus" on 360 backwards compatibility

By Aaron Robson     Mar 12, 2007 in Technology
Microsoft rep Chris Satchell told an audience of bloggers that the company will place less focus on making original Xbox games backwards compatible with Xbox 360 as 2007 progresses.
I think if I had a whole whack of games for the original xbox and found out that they were no longer making the games I had backwards compatible I would be going ape shit right about now (excuse my language). But I don't so right now, I am going to rant for the people who can't play their xbox games on their xbox 360.
What a rip off. You might find yourself loyal to microsoft and all when it came to the xboxs, but now you find out you won't be able to play your old games. Talk about a more than a couple of hundred down the drain wasted on what is good, but no longer usable. This is kind of like when Capcom decided to shut down the Resident evil outbreak 2 server (at the end of this month, get your playing hours in), you spend money to receive service, and after a while, the service get's bad and the people giving it to you get lazy. So they just dump it in the trash, get rid of it all together. This is saying that microsoft just feels to lazy to encode everything to backward compatibility, so they say, "where going to slow things down" which means they are going to stop everything.
I tell you one thing though, this is not an issue with the PS3.
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