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article imageAlien Invaders Face Being Exterminated

By timmack     Mar 12, 2007 in World
Yes, we are the aliens, or at least our "American Crayfish" and "Grey Squirrels" are the aliens that the UK wants to exterminate from Scotland.
The UK is set to get tough on "Alein Invaders" that are destroying its eco system. Thirty years ago, the American "Crayfish" was introduced to restaurants in Scotland, but now those same fish are causing havoc in Scotland.
The American "Crayfish" voraciously devour the eggs of salmon and trout and have all but destroyed the salmon industry in Scotland. And because the American "Grey Squirrel" carries a disease that is fatal to the Scotch native "Red Squirrel," it now costs Scotland ten million pounds a year in damges to its woodlands, because the "American Grey Squirrel" causes damage to its beech, sycamore and oak trees.
And its not just our "Native Amercan Species," causing all the damage to the Scotch eco system. But also the "African Rhododedrons" that were introduced to Scotland during the eighteenth century, are also causing alarm.
The "African Rhododedrons" shut out the light of the "Mosses And Lichens" that grow no where else in the world but Scotland. As a result "The Mosses" on the floor of the wood are killed and in turn the bark dies and kills the trees.
At last laws are now being enacted to stop the alien invaders from exterminating the Scotch eco system. But if a small country such as Scotland has all these problems with alien invaders, than one must wonder what alien invaders may be doing to our eco system in the United States.
I think its yet early in the day, and very few have awakened to the real disasters that face all nations from alien invaders. But, I'm at least glad that Scotland has at last awakened to the problem.
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