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article imageA Ripple In Time At The Upper Current River?

By RobotGod     Mar 12, 2007 in World
Can Time Windows be opened to let us see into our past or future?
Leonard Hall claims to have seen glimpses of the past that happened a good 400 years ago. In 1941 he and some friends went on a fishing trip to Missouri's Upper Current River and set up camp. They fished during daylight. At night they slept. Then one morning he awoke to strange voices. He left his tent to see who was out there and he noticed a small fire about 100 feet away, then saw more fires and a group of people. There was something odd about them. Like they did not belong. It sounded like they were speaking spanish. Among them were indians in traditional garb. They slowly faded as he watched. Then the fire and the people were just gone.
He and his friends checked out the area where he had seen the apparitions. Empty. They said it was his imagination. After going home they hit the library, where they found an old document telling of how a group of Spanish conquistadors had camped in that exact spot. The indians were servants. It had been in August 1541!
I am a believer in these things. I have had more then my fair share of experiences with the unknown, so I do not doubt these tales and I always have an open mind. I believe that our world can be "slightly out of phase" with paralell worlds of the past/future. At time they can almost touch or overlap, yet somehow they are light years apart.
It is as if everything that ever was and will be is played out in a linear fashion, yet is happening all at once. Our world is more fascinating then we can even comprehend.
When we stretch our minds toward these questions, we are like an ant held in a hand...unaware of the larger world..unaware there IS a larger world.
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