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Fish Sensory Organ Duplicated for Submarines

By sibananda     Mar 11, 2007 in Technology
Submarines were designed to have sensory parts like fishes in deep sea.
Fish use a specialised sensory organ through out their body known as
lateral lines for their safe movement in sea. Those organs are called
lateral lines.
Now scientists have developed a lateral line for submarines.
"Our development of an artificial lateral line is aimed at enhancing human ability to detect, navigate and survive in the underwater environment," said Chang Liu,a professor in electrical and computer engineering in University
of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Using the lateral line the submarine or underwater robot can detect the
obstacles in the sea save it from collision with stationary objects.
"By detecting changes in water pressure and movement, the device can supplement sonar and vision systems in submarines and underwater robots," Liu said.
Biological science remains more superior to man made engineering
It will take a long time to be perfect in it.
However it is a noteworthy invention.
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