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Fat lovers face slimmer chance of parenthood

By sibananda     Mar 10, 2007 in Health
A study shows excess fat lessens the possibility of pregnancy.
48000 couples were monitored between 1996 to 2002 in Denmark and study showed that when both parents were clinically obese, the risk of waiting more than a year before conceiving nearly tripled.
Obesity could even have impact in countries where the problem of fat has taken on epidemic proportions according to British journal Human Reproduction. The thinner parent push for a less effort for their child compare to fat parents.
Cecilia Ramlau-Hansen, an epidemiologist at Aarhus University in Denmark said the fat people have a less chance to reproduce.
"The heavier the population gets, the more problems we would see with infertility," she said.
Earlier research has shown the clear link between amount of fat and levels of fertility hormones.
In case of woman there is a problem in ovulation and conception and in case of man it is decreased semen quality and level of reproducing hormone.
Obese boys and girls should be careful enough maintaining their health before they marry because obesity possess so many problems.
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