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article imageBrunei Aspires To Be First In The World To Run Purely On Solar Energy

By Carolyn E. Price     Mar 10, 2007 in Environment
An ambitious "solar cluster project" is unveiled.
An ambitious plan was recently unveiled that would see Brunei replace it's dependence on oil for electricity by switching over to environment-friendly solar power. The plan says that this can be accomplished by the year 2015.
Nations Solar Technologies plans to build, own and operate a "solar cluster project" in the sultanate with it's business partner Hamidjojo Development.
The project, is scheduled to begin on January 1, 2008, and it aims to get the necessary approvals, licenses and support from the government to reach the 100 per cent solar energy capability for Brunei by 2015.
Dr Albrecht Mozer and Dr Peter Fath, both managing directors of Solmic GbmH, a German consultancy firm specializing in Poly Silicon production facilities for the photovoltaic industry said the project may generate up to 1,800 permanent jobs.
At a presentation on the solar cluster project at the Sheraton Utama Hotel in the capital, Dr Albrecht valued the photovoltaic global market at €45 billion by 2010. In 2005, it was valued at €10 billion.
Photovoltaics, PV for short, is a solar power technology that uses solar cells or solar photovoltaic arrays to convert energy from the sun into electricity. Photovoltaics is also the field of study relating to this technology.
Michael Liese is quoted as saying that power from 3.5 square kilometres of solar panels would be enough to supply the power needs in Brunei. He adds that Brunei has a chance to become a world leader in alternative energy.
"Universiti Brunei Darussalam has the capacity to provide necessary training and education. The project will support the government’s efforts to diversify its economy, regarding Brunei's oil and gas that can be reserved for future generations. There are 12 hours of sunlight on average, 365 days a year. There is a great amount of land area available to build a solar energy plant. Last, but not least, Brunei being in the centre of Southeast Asia has a vast export potential to neighbouring countries in Asean," he said.
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