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Miss Israel finalist withdraws after honor-killing plot

By kurtrat     Mar 10, 2007 in Lifestyle
A Miss Israel finalist, the first Druze to compete in the pageant, was allegedly threatened with death by two uncles and other men from her village.
Doaa Fares changed her name to Angelina. She was a 17-year-old from a conservative Druze village in Israel where women are expected to fulfill traditional roles.
But now Angelina has withdrawn from the pageant. Police uncovered a plot to kill her last week. The men in her village are accusing her of disgracing her family name with promiscuous behavior.
Angelina went into protective custody. When she came out of hiding, she withdrew from the beauty pageant, saying that her life was more important than a contest.
Last year, 17 Palestinian women were reported killed in honor crimes, 12 in Gaza and 5 in the occupied West Bank. In Israel, 7 women were killed for "crimes" such as having sex before marriage to being raped!
Last week police were tipped off that some men from Angelina's village, including two of her uncles, were plotting to kill her. Anwar and Hatem Fares allegedly hired two men to buy guns and a third to murder their niece.
The Israeli Druze community is given special minority privileges. They have their own courts and speak Arabic, though they distance themselves from the Muslim community and serve in the Israeli Defence Forces.
Honor killings are a big problem all around the world. Conservative men--citing religion and
tradition--believe they have the right to dictate to women what they can and cannot do. Until the underlying, systemic causes for this change, I don't know if things will get better. The assumption of male domination underlies all of these systems of thought and belief. Until that is truly challenged, I don't think that the world will become a markedly different place. It is not enough to only treat the problems caused by male domination without addressing male domination and its right to exist by itself.
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