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article imageNew Features: RSS Feeds, New Video Voting, Spell Check and Sorting Important News

By Chris Hogg     Mar 11, 2007 in
Spell Check:
The biggest feature improvement (and probably the most helpful to writers) in today's roll-out is spell check. Writers can now spell check headlines, story intro/abstracts and the body of their article before posting. The spell checker will highlight words it doesn't know, and a left-mouse click will bring up a list of suggested changes. When you are finished spell checking, click "Resume Editing" and you can go back to your post. Make sure you click Resume Editing before saving your draft. You will also be able to spell check comments and spell check text when you contact another user.
Article Sorting
Some articles truly stand out and go a long way to building a great community. We've had a strong request to develop a place where people can go back and find articles that really stood out (a sort of "Hall of Fame") so we tried to think of a way to make this idea applicable over various time periods. That said, we're introducing a new way to sort Important News to find articles that got the most votes and created the most discussion. Under the "Important" tab on the front page, you can sort by "Now, Today, Week, Month and Year". This will show you the stories in order of importance for the time period selected.
Video Downvoting
While we don't like to encourage downvoting, there has been an influx of useless videos posted over the last little while and there was no prior way to get rid of them. We ask all users to remember that video is supposed to supplement a news or opinion piece. While some can be fun to watch, we get users who are trying to make a quick buck and some have gone as far as posting 25 inside of an hour. They try for easy money. To combat this mass posting, we're asking users to treat video posts the exact same way as News Articles: If they "lack content," meaning they don't provide any value to the site, no analysis and serve no purpose, you can downvote it as "lacking content." With enough downvotes, video posts will be deactivated. It's a democratic method and the site will better reflect what users want to see and read. So remember, if you are posting a video, put some effort into it, tell us why it matters and why it belongs on It can be news, comedy, entertainment or politics, but it has to serve a purpose and must add value -- users can go to other sites if they want garbage videos.
RSS Feeds for Every User
We had a few recent requests for RSS feeds for individual users so if you click on any user's profile page, you will see the orange RSS box beside the tabs at the top of the page. Now you can follow news from any user, or stream your latest posts to your personal blog or website using this RSS feed.
Minor Changes
The other changes include a minor sculpting of the front page to make it look more newsy and serious (the green upvote buttons replaced with simple text) and for the tech geeks out there who care, we increased performance so the "Important" tab will load in about 1/2 the time now.
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