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article imageUPDATE: Charges Dropped Against NWA Employee For Ejaculating On Passenger While She Slept

By Pamela Jean     Mar 9, 2007 in Crime
It was reported earlier this week that an off duty baggage handler, employed by Northwest Airlines, was arrested and charged with assault after reportedly ejaculating on a female passenger as she slept.
Let me share with you the "Inside Scoop"......
In a previously posted story here: Off Duty NWA Worker Charged With Assault On Flight
It was reported that this baggage handler, while flying off duty, had accosted a female passenger as she slept. The report indicated that he had lifted her blouse and inappropriately fondled her. Upon his relocating to a different seat, the woman stated she had discovered ejaculate on her back and leg and had called for assistance from the flight attendants.
The man was moved to the front of the plane and remained there until the flight landed, at which time he was taken into custody.
My "inside sources" have revealed that there was a bit more to this story than reported to the press.
Flight attendants that were working this particular flight have told coworkers that the woman was a willing participant in the incident. It has been intimated that the young woman had entered into conversation with the suspect, and what had started as casual conversing between the two ignited into an "in flight" love fest, ending when the male participant had reached his "limit" so to speak. LOL!
When the amorous behavior was discovered by the flight attendants, the woman, apparently embarassed at being caught, chose to lie. She stated that the off duty employee had done these inappropriate things to her as she slept, and she wanted to press charges.
Upon further investigation it became clear that the woman's claims were unsubstantiated and the case has been dropped. No charges will be filed.
Wow, what some women won't do to join the "Mile High Club" huh!?
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