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Pink Talking About Animal Cruelty

By Hotttttie     Mar 8, 2007 in World
Singer Pink talks about PETA and animal cruelty and what WE can do to help stop this disgusting act once and for all.**WARNING** some scenes may be hard to watch and show live slaughtering ..viewer discretion is advised
Now this is not the first nor last time that i will ever bring up the topic of animal cruelty . As a active member and volunteer to the Toronto Humane Society many that know me know my fight to STOP animal cruelty . It is not only wrong , sick and uncalled for but it is also against the law. We need to realize what is going on there and way together that we can stop this from happening . Innocent animals are wrongfully mistreated, breated , abandonded, killed. This is a crime and one that should be dealt with at all costs.
This video shows one of my most favourite celebrities trying to also get a message across to everyone that we need to all join in this fight and try to make a difference . With everyones help we CAN change things around maybe not today maybe not tomorrow but soon enough.
If you recall the Pitbull ban and how unfair that such a loving loyal breed have been brought to be trained to fight and attack , many drug dealers use them as Guard dogs , others abuse tehm. Was just last year i myself adopted and rescused a 11 month od female pitbull frmo the Toronto Humane Society who was badly beaten and kicked in the ribs, the animal shelter had contacted the THS and was not too long after that a friend who works there advised me of the animal and i went with her.
I inquired on trying to keep her but had to allow tests to determine the animals mental reactions and behaviour. Today she is all mine , I have adopted her and she is one of the most amazing dogs I have ever seen she is gentle loving ,caring and I can say I am PROUD to be her owner and having her daily when I get home and seeing her there wagging her tail makes me recall the horror she had to face but the joy she brought into my life.
I truly hope that this video and ad captures a few hearts, maybe shed a few tears , and helps raise awareness to what is going on in the world.
remember if you witness ANY animal abuse please stand up contact your local animal shelter or police .
thank you
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