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Pay At Table Credit Card Scanners Coming To A Restaurant Near You

By Laura Trowbridge     Mar 7, 2007 in Technology
New wireless card scanners allow your credit card to stay at your table, eliminating fraud and theft. This new technology also speeds up the process of paying your bill.
This sounds like a great idea. It is more secure and faster - no more waiting for the waiter to come back with your slip to sign.
“We know there are crime syndicates, formed commonly of illegal immigrants, going city to city, using their skimmers while working in a restaurant,” said Wayne Steiger, president of CTS Consulting Group, a group that stops credit-card fraud with high-tech tools.. Skimmers are small magnetic-stripe readers that capture card information for fraudulent use. “It used to be that skimmers could hold just 50 cards, but now it’s 300. And when that person leaves the restaurant, he goes home and, in two minutes, he’s downloaded that information to a personal computer. Then he puts it on Internet and sells it.”
40% of credit card fraud at retail level occurs in restaurants. These scanners would eliminate this from happening because the credit card information would go directly from the scanner to the point of sale computer to be processed. No one but the card holder will have access to the credit card to steal the card number or add a few bucks to their tip. The only worry would be someone decrypting the wireless signal and stealing the info in that way.
The cost for these systems is high, but tests show they are much quicker and allow 1 more seating per night, which will add up over the life of the system.
Other countries have been using similar systems, but the USA has only begun considering the importance of this technology.
I have never seen or used one - has anyone ever used one of these?
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