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Gas is $3 or more in some areas

By Leah     Mar 7, 2007 in Lifestyle
Here we go again, embrace yourselves. Gas prices are rising again.
Gasoline prices have jumped above $3 a gallon in some parts of California and Hawaii, and may hit that level other parts of the country when the busy summer driving season approaches.
As if our economy isn't suffering enough, here go the enormous gas prices again. I know quite a few gas stations here will run deals, and we have a web site we can go to in order to find the best gas prices, BUT is it really worth driving to thsoe places to get cheaper gas?? I mean the gas being used to drive there and back??
Analysts say drivers should brace for more increases in the coming weeks. Crude oil, which makes up about half the price of gasoline, is trading above $60 a barrel. Higher demand, refinery maintenance and fears about springtime shortages are also driving up prices, particularly on the West Coast.
However, analysts said it's unlikely other parts of the country would see $3 gasoline before summer without a major disruption in supply.
Several customers at a Mobil station in St. Petersburg, Fla., were upset because there seemed to be no real reason for the price increase. Prices at the station range from $2.47 a gallon for regular to $2.69 for premium.
That is what I don't understand....what keeps making it go up??? And why so often???
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