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Sex Makes You Feel Sexier Says Study

By geozone     Mar 7, 2007 in Lifestyle
Whether you are straight or gay, having sex raises your testosterone levels. Among the effects of an increase in testosterone is the heightened belief in your own sexiness according to recent studies.
Though testosterone plays an instrumental role in the formation and maintenance of male sex characteristics, the hormone is also found in all women. By cuddling and having intercourse more frequently, both sexes can alter the amount of testosterone in their bodies.
Two studies were conducted by researchers in the Psychology Department at Simon Fraser University in Canada. In the first, 49 women participated to see how cuddling, intercourse and exercising affected their testosterone levels before and after the activities. Exercise was used in the study as a control because it is known to alter a person's biochemistry. The "after" included directly following sex and the next morning.
Participants answered a questionnaire on topics such as orgasms, sexual desire and how sexually attractive they felt.
Subjects overall reported experiencing elevated testosterone levels just before and after cuddling and intercourse with copulation producing the greatest rise in the hormone. The more elevated the testosterone level, the more likely it was a woman had an orgasm and felt more sexually attractive the day after.
"We don’t know how testosterone increases after sex and close physical intimacy might benefit women, but some possibilities to examine in future studies include increased sexual desire, more positive moods, or more energy," said the lead researcher.
The second study involved people who were single, monogamous or polyamorous (involved in multiple, committed relationships). Levels of testosterone increases in connection to sexual activity were examined.
In this study, researchers found that the lowest overall testosterone levels occurred in men and women who were partnered. Polyamorous men and women had higher levels of the hormone than either single people or monogamously partnered ones. It seems you will feel sexier and have more likelihood of experiencing an orgasm--if you are a woman--if you are in intimate relationships with multiple partners.
Scientists believe testosterone plays a role in "bond maintenance" and prepares a person for competition. That competition can be externalized such as in fending off other suitors or internalized such as in increasing a person's strength in preparation for childbirth.
A researcher in the field of sexual activity and partnerships commented that: "These studies show that our social relationships and gonads have their own relationships."
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