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I Am Not a Team Player!

By Joe Christian     Mar 7, 2007 in Business
Why I Am Not a Team Player!
I Am Not a Team Player!
Once so many years ago when I worked for Bank of America and I had a wonderful office on the fifty-fourth floor and a splendid view that I loved.
My boss was very friendly to me and asked me to meet him at our lunch hour at the adult bookstore not far from our building where we could share a private booth, a film and some ‘romance’.
Well I was not interested so I did not show up or give it even another thought. But after a week of his invitations and my not showing any interests, he complained that I was not a team player to my agency and Bank of America never officially took my contract, so I was contracted to another company or corporation; but I always did miss that wonderful office on the fifty-fourth floor and its splendid views!
Anywhere I was contracted that I liked being at, I always thought about staying if I was offered to be a full salaried employee, and I was always good at whatever I did anywhere I went; but I did not always want to be hired at all the companies or corporations! But I was not always asked, as some were only one or two year contracts and there was not always the option to remain any longer than that.
I learned a lot, and some businesses were filled with lofty mindedness and positive social ideals and worldly (cosmopolitan) interests. And it was in those kinds of places that I was always a team player as it were. But not the kind of team player that my boss at Bank of America meant for me to be for his immediate and daily lunch hour gratification.
I attended evening classes towards furthering my education and made many friends. I was also busy with volunteering and serving in religious matters and social concerns in the Church and under the auspices of the Church. And there were all the inner-city concerns that I was interested in as well!
And time quickly went by and in no time years flew by! And one day I woke up to realize that I was forty-five! Where do I go from here?
My resume looks fragmented though it’s really not. And I am no longer twenty-five and hopeful and filled with all that youthful awe about my life as if there are always all these opportunities just waiting for me to pluck them to my heart’s content!
And when another man hit on me in an awkward and painful situation and I turned him down, now he has given me a bad report that is effecting me and affecting important things about my life, and once again I am ‘not a team player’, and that aspect of my personality is causing me even more trouble again and now already at forty-five!
But I do not look my age and I somehow look all available for another man’s need for quick gratification, and this time in another ‘professional’ setting, and there is nothing I can say or do to cure the situation, but by having already tried, I even made matters worse for myself! If only I had learned the first time already just to be “a team player” aye?!
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