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"My Playstation Made Me Do It" Claims Cross Dressing Lingerie Robber

By Pamela Jean     Mar 7, 2007 in Crime
45-year-old Robert Boyd disguised himself in a wig, hat and sunglasses. He was on a mission. Armed with a knife he entered the "Orchid" lingerie store and made off with dozens of panties, bras and garterbelts. His defense??
He believed he was a female elf at the time. More specifically, he believed that he was a female shaman (meaning a natural magic user) elf named Beho, and that he thought he was armed with a samurai sword. Boyd admits that he may have 'blurred reality and fantasy'.
Yes, you heard it right, Mr Boyd is apparently a huge fan of the cyberpunk role-playing game Shadowrun. He had been playing if for hours prior to his donning his disguise, grabbing a knife and heading off to the lingerie store.
He has indicated he has no memory of the robbery. He also indicates that he can't be certain that the metahuman Beho hadn't planned the robbery in advance, thus causing the crime level to increase to "premeditated".
The prosecution are sceptical of these claims, and suggest that Boyd/Beho is 'using this memory loss scenario to avoid answering very difficult questions.'
You think??
What continues to amaze me with stories like this is the fact that attorneys are kept in business defending nutballs like this guy!
Well I guess we all deserve our "day in court". Wonder what Boyd/Beho wore? LOL!
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