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Guards 'use me like a rag doll'

By Brandigal (Donna)     Mar 7, 2007 in Crime
Inmate describes severe beating at assault trial of 7 court officers
Dexter Boyce, 38 was in jail for drug and obstruction of justice conviction and he was taken to a courthouse on another minor charge.
He pleaded guilty to failing to comply and was taken to a holding cell where he was offered something to eat.
He said he accidentally dropped a cup of juice on the floor when he was passed it through a small opening in the cell.
He was told he would have to clean it up after some of the juice got on Donavan Smith's pants. Smith was the guard that gave him the juice.
Boyce told Smith `I am not cleaning it up. I'm a big man. You can't tell me to do that,
Smith then ordered Boyce to clean it up and Boyce refused again.
Smith then said Boyce said to him "`Watch, you're going to see what's going to happen to you,'"
Smith then said 10 guards entered his cell wearing black leather gloves. He was cuffed and taken to another officer, Feeney, who ordered Smith to clean it up again and he refused again. The officer threw a cup of juice in his face.
Findlay, another officer then kicked him in the face and then other officers joined in and started kicking and punching him.
Then Martin was doing martial art kicks on him and laughing about it.
He said he was screaming for help but never received any. He was in severe pain and was thrown into a jail van and taken to Mimico Correctional Centre by two female officers who were not involved in the attack.
Once back at the correctional center he was met by other officers who were told about his complaint and they ordered him taken to a hospital to be examined. He was then kept in the in-house infirmary for a week for his injuries.
He said he was in severe pain for weeks afterwards and his ribs clicked for weeks afterwards when he walked which is how he earned the nickname "click-click".
Seven officers have pleaded not guilty. The seven officers are John Feeney, 31, Thomas Findlay, 37, Donald Hebert, 36, Kamaljeet Kang, 35, Jeffrey Martin, 29, Aaron Rodrigues, 26, and Donavan Smith, 36.
I do think that Boyce could have at least wiped up the juice if it was an accident that he spilled it. But the officers were wrong to gang up on him like they did and beat him like that.
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