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article imageResearcher Challenges 'Super Size Me' Movie, Says McDonald's Diet Can Help Cholesterol

By Lisa Angotti     Mar 7, 2007 in Health
Most people would agree that a McDonald's diet is NOT the healthy way to go, but a Swedish professor has found cholesterol improved in some cases with a fast food diet.
The study was conducted at Sweden's Lipkoning University by Associate Professor Fredrik Nystrom, who will submit his findings this week for publication. Dr. Nystrom's experiment involved 18 healthy students who reenacted the experiment of filmmaker Morgan Spurlock in the movie SUPER Size Me. Spurlock scared Americans and especially his own wife when he lived for an entire month on McDonald's food, while he suffered a 13 percent weight gain and deterioration of his liver function.
Nystrom believes that the results Spurlock experienced may have been overstated tremendously. Unlike Spurlock, Nystrom's subjects did not suffer depression, and for the most part, their cholesterol levels improved. Some suffered minor liver damage in the beginning, but the damage leveled off as their bodies adjusted.
Dr Nystrom told The Australian newspaper "On the basis of my research, you certainly can't refer to this food as junk food. It's fast food because it is a fast way of taking on a lot of calories but it is not just junk."
Spurlock has refused to comment on the findings, stating that he has moved on to other things. McDonald's recieved an outpour of criticism follwoing the SUPER Size Me movie, and in turn they introduced a healthier menu. Many other fast food restaurants are doing the same.
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