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Now, Take A Deep Breath...

By Michelle Duffy     Mar 6, 2007 in Health
Despite the NHS plunging ever further into massive debt, the new fashion is for air conditioning to be installed in your home.
The NHS have come up with a plan to get patients suffering from respiratory illness such as lung cancer through our increasingly hot summers - have a up to date air conditioning unit installed into your home, all expenses paid by the Goverments failing Health Service.
Included in the brand new package on offer, there will be anger management classes for naughty kids, and better still - a large percentage of the 'budget' will be given to poorer areas for enviroment projects.
So where is this money coming from or is the lightest pocket hit yet again - the taxpayer?
The idea seems to be that if the poorest of the communities are to continue to house the most illnesses, then money should be put into these communities thus alleviating the bed/ward and casualty numbers which cost the service, the biggest amounts each year.
Good, but is this a poor ploy to cover up the fact that our failing NHS simply can't cope with the patient number it already has? Possibly, so to cheer us all up, the goal posts are moved, to take our minds off the ball, if only temporarily.
Local councils will be enouraged to work within their own communities to target illness in poor areas.
Patricia Hewitt, current Health Secretary said, 'We need to radically change the culture of how we shape and deliver care - shifting focus from curing the sick to the proactive prevention of ill health."
It appears that the only person who speaks the mind of the general public on this subject is Shadow Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley. He says, "...she must be living on a different planet, the NHS does not have enough money..."
The worry appears to be that GP's will end up over prescribing air conditioning and anger management classes will not be used enough. The latter being the only workable idea, and already avaliable on the NHS...
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