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Update: Grant confesses in wife's death

By Brandigal (Donna)     Mar 5, 2007 in Crime
A man captured after a night on the run in the snowy wilderness confessed to killing his wife in the couple's home while their children were there and later dismembering her.
Update to gohomelaker post
He Now confessed.
Stephen Grant, 37, confessed to strangling his wife, Tara, and dismembered her body. Police found her torso in the garbage at Grant's home and other body parts in a park. He told police he dumped the torso in the park orginally but went back and got it when he heard police were going to search the park.
The two children ages 6 and 4 were home at the time but police do not think they witnessed anything.
Grant reported his wife missing 5 days after he killed her. He said they were arguing about her trips she made.
He is charged with murder, disinterment and mutilation. He is co-operating with the police.
He was recently hospitalized and released after being treated for hypothermia because he was hiding in a park in Michigan's Lower Peninsula for 10 hours.
A neighbor found a bag near Grant's home that had latex gloves, metal shavings and human blood in it. This gave the police the evidence they needed to get a warrant to search Grant's home and his work place. The work place, a tool-and-die shop is where he dismembered his wife's body.
What is with all these bodies being dismembered lately?
I hope they lock him away for good. At least he is not wasting the tax payers money by pleading not guilty. He gave a very lengthy confession according to the police.
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