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Canada's prime minister knew Russian spy was to be arrested

By soome2000     Mar 5, 2007 in World
"A "Top Secret" memo obtained by the National Post shows Stephen Harper was briefed about the discovery of the spy in advance of the arrest but told to keep quiet to avoid compromising the operation."
In November 2006, the arrest of a Russian spy in Canada made front-page news.
The man had been carrying false identification, faced a court, and then was quickly deported. No Guantanamo North for this guy. The Canadian Security Intelligence Service, CSIS, eventually identified him as a member of the Sluzhba Vneshney Razvedki.
In a heavily censored document obtained under the Access to Information Act by the Post, the documents are almost all classified as top secret.
"When he began preparing to leave Montreal for another trip to Europe and the Balkans, Canadian officials prepared a security certificate declaring him a threat to national security. Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day and Immigration Minister Monte Solberg signed the certificate on Nov. 9.
Shortly after that, the Prime Minister was informed of the results of the CSIS investigation in a two-page memo signed by Kevin Lynch, the Clerk of the Privy Council and Secretary to the Cabinet.
..."Other internal documents show that following the spy's arrest, senior CSIS officials twice sent top secret memos to Mr. Day updating him on the case, the first arrest of a foreign spy in Canada in a decade.
The Department of Foreign Affairs is refusing to say whether any Russian diplomats were expelled from Canada in response to the spy scandal.
Now that the Supreme Court has struck down two parts of the security certificate laws, does that mean spies will be free to move around the country, as the law fears to stomp on their Charter rights? Will they be deported only if they have false identification, or CSIS knows the organization the spies work for?
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