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article imageThat really suitzzz you sir

By Sayovi     Mar 5, 2007 in Lifestyle
Commuters are beingoffered a jacket that will allow themto snooze in style on the journey to work.
It is obvious that most of us sleep during our long travels no matter if it is by Bus, Train or Flights.. And is also known that while sleeping our heads fall on our neighbour shoulders or vice versa if they sleep…Sounds annoying.. Isn’t it????
Here is a great news for all such people…
Now, a jacket is being offered to commuters which allows them to snooze in style.
This is designed by matthew Gale who has come up with the ‘Excubo’ (Latin)means ‘ I sleep outside’ which doubles as a cocoon , keeps you warm and also serves as a duvet,sleeping mast,mittens and pillow.
Sounds Amazing!!!!
The grey coat has a hefty, sturdy collar to stop your head from rolling around – and on to fellow passengers' shoulders – even as your eyelids droop firmly closed. . The collar becomes a sleeping mask, lapels become pillows and the sides tighten around the torso to keep you upright and the cuffs unwrap to make mittens for your hands.
This is aimed at rail and coach passengers for long distance travel.
Mr Gale, of San Francisco, came up with the idea after watching fellow commuters struggle to stay awake.
'We have all slept uncomfortably on planes and buses,' he said.
It is believed that this sleeping jacket will be manufactured in mass produce and will be selling it in shops in the US and Britain.
Beware, though – one thing the coat cannot promise is to wake you up when you reach your destination.
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