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Update: Nudists sweat it out at Dutch gym

By RobotGod     Mar 4, 2007 in World
A dozen middle-age and elderly men were game enough for a Dutch gym's invitation to work out nude. But they were vastly outnumbered by the dozens of journalists watching them lift, row and cycle in the buff.
An update to a story I posted a few weeks ago...
Fitworld owner Patrick de Man allowed the media inside for the first session of "Naked Sunday" after getting attention from as far away as Russia and Australia.
The response from nudists was only lukewarm. Not as hot as he would have liked.
Men trickled in and out throughout the day at the gym in the small town of Heteren. What they found was an exercise room packed with photographers, TV crews and reporters who bothered everyone for interviews and pictures while the nudists hit the machines and free weights.
"We already had naked swimming ... but a gym, that's unique,"
"It's spectacular!" he said, as he pedaled away.
A few local politicians and a nudist tourism company also were in attendance. There was no group aerobics or naked instructors. The staff wore aprons with a nude body painted on. The owner thought there might be interest in nude exercising after two of his regular customers asked why he had separate dressing rooms for the sexes. He said he expected a bigger turnout next Sunday, especially after all the publicity.
The Dutch Federation of Naturists endorsed the idea, but most of its 70,000 members said in a poll they would rather hike or garden than go the gym. No women showed up, even though eight had signed up for the event.
Some people in the town of 5,100 were upset by "Naked Sunday," and some gym members worried about sanitation.
So, it wasn't the boob bouncing(among other things) spectacle that they thought it would be. Too bad. They seem like nice people...the kind that would give you the shirt off their back..You give the nudists something to do while nude and they don't want it. I do hope they wipe everything down extra good. Otherwise there may be some interesting science news with what is growing on the equipment.
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