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A Growing Homeless Population Finds Shelter in Vehicles

By Jishpar     Mar 4, 2007 in Lifestyle
Los Angeles, Santa Barbara's flowery hills are covered with multimillion dollar homes that have a commanding view of the Pacific Ocean.
We find people who have no roof over their heads, the homeless who wander the streets and sleep on public benches. Know we have people not quite homeless they dont have home too. They stay in there cars or trucks.
Few work in the service industry, few in hotels. Women say they lived in homeless where most of them are drunkers and drugers. Few says they cannot afford the rents in this costlier city.
California alone has about 350,000 homeless people. Santa Barbara has 2,000, some still trying to make it in the working world.
For years, people like Carlos and Naomi quietly parked their vehicles near the beach or on quiet roads in residential neighborhoods. But they were constantly running afoul of the homeowners in this image-conscious city.And when the city tightened parking restrictions to squeeze out the vehicle-dwellers, they lived in constant fear of having their homes towed away
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