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The Campus Jihad

By Sheba     Mar 3, 2007 in Crime
What seems like unconnected individual events to the main stream media, political leaders and general population are in fact a well planned strategy of multiple jihads by the Islamists.
Jihad is not only waged by the extremists who are blowing up themselves. There are other forms of Jihads that do not use bombs and guns. According to the article at the link above, there is a hidden agenda the Jihadists have which is to desensitize the non-muslim world. To destabilize it, in order to bring in Shariah law.
A major target are the institutions of higher learning. This should scare anyone. When I first reported on this in Canadian universities I was called names by one Bocephalus. This article highlights a couple of American universities that have experienced this along with other incidents of what appears to be unrelated incidents. I imagine I'm going to be called names here again by the same person. All in the name of reporting the news like everybody else on DJ. Bring it on!!!
What is clear enough is that since this is the view that is informing policymakers, law enforcement officials and the media in handling a clear trend of jihadist murder, it requires serious empirical study. The obvious place for that research to take place is in the universities. Unfortunately, there can be little hope that universities in the US or in the West in general will devote any serious consideration to this most important sociological, psychological and national security trend. Far from being willing to study the most central issue of our times, universities are leading the charge in either ignoring it, or apologizing for it...
At an "Israel Apartheid Week" event at City University of New York, after watching a propaganda film, 19-year old Binyamin Rister rose and politely asked the ISM presenters if they supported terrorism. When he received no reply he politely repeated the question. Rather than wait for an answer, CUNY security guards dragged Rister from the room and then repeatedly banged his head against the wall of an elevator and threw him head first down the stairs. Rister's injuries from the assault by campus security required him to be evacuated by ambulance in a neck brace to the hospital.
In an almost identical case at Georgetown last year, Bill Maniaci a 65-year-old retired Jewish American police officer was brutalized by Georgetown security guards after he asked ISM spokesmen if they supported terrorism.
So much for 'diverse opinions' on today's campuses...
...and soon, here on DJ if some would have their way.
The agenda of the Jihadist is to "soften up the Free World as a prelude to War." Remember when the US attacked Afganistan and Iraq, there was the softening up at first? The Bombs. Well it's the same idea with the Jihadists. It's a rule of war and we know the Jihadists have long declared war on the world.
We cannot stick our heads in the sand and pretend it doesn't exist. And we cannot afford to be bullied into silence by Islamofashists on here though they will try.
Not everyone on here is a right wing conservative. Not everyone on here is a left wing liberal. Yet we all have one thing in common here. We have the FREEDOM to have an opinion and express it without fear of intimidation from those who do not agree with our opinion. It is that very FREEDOM that is being threatened.
Let DJ remain a healthy community where we can debate without harrassment of any kind and let the harrassers be kicked out!
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