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Crowdhacking, and how you are affected!

By Leah     Mar 3, 2007 in Business
I never thought of DJ in this sense, but this is an interesting article I suggest all read!
This is about spammers, scammers, and crowdhacking.
I have never thought about Ebay users, and sellers setting up fake profiles to scam people! But now after reading this article, I wondered how I couldn't have ever thought that way!!!
It genius and deceptive!
In this paragraph from the article, it pretty much sums it up!
Today we harness the masses for everything from choosing the next pop star on American Idol to perfecting open source software and assembling Wikipedia articles. But perhaps the most widespread and vital uses for group input online are in scoring systems. In addition to eBay feedback, these are the customer ratings that and Yahoo Shopping post with product reviews. They’re the feedback scores that Netflix tallies to help subscribers decide which movies to order. And they’re the up-or-down votes that sites like Digg and Reddit (part of the Wired Media Group, which also includes WIRED magazine) rely on to determine which stories to feed Web surfers.
I did not put this on here to disrespect DJ, only to share with you all this article, and give people something to think about.
I really enjoy my time here on DJ, and do not think of them as scammers!! I just want to make that clear!!!
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