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article imageBell Mobility and "It's New Plan".

By Posthappy     Mar 2, 2007 in Business
Bell Mobility is offering it's customers a new plan. One that allows free unlimited calls to other Bell Mobility users.
The above link is a very short article, but I wondered about the concept as a whole. I use Bell Mobility and lately I have been wondering if they really care whether or not their actions/changes/enhancements loose them thousands of customers. After all they are the conglomerate... and I am just one small fish in a very big sea.
They are now offering plans starting from around $10 Cdn, where if you make or receive calls to or from other Bell Mobility users, the call will be free. Completely and unlimitly free. To offset this new plan, if you receive phone calls from their competitors, Fido, Roger's, Virgin, or Telus, you will be charged for the minutes. This freebie will also apply to land line phone calls as well.
Bell has said: "Wireless in Canada is an intensely competitive industry and Bell Mobility is constantly striving to ensure we lead the market..."
Huh? Really? Why not lead the market with better customer service then?
So how likely is it that all your friends and family will switch to this new plan or as Bell puts it, move to a new way of using wireless?
I can see this working for other big business’ if they put their company’s plan on Bell Mobility, but once again, the little guy is probably not going to benefit much.
Is this feasible or are they trying to force the consumer into their way of doing business, while changing the way of using wireless?
Unless they are offering free “family/friends” phones for all as an incentive, I can’t see them locking up this portion of the wireless industry, can you? Will this plan include long distance calls?
What will happen if all the other players jump on this bandwagon and offer the same type of plans? Will it just go back to being an airtime package again? Hmmm, I wonder?
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