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article imageTwo year sentence for drug rapist

By brown_spongebob     Mar 2, 2007 in Crime
A young woman banker was left devastated today after a City businessman who spiked her drink was jailed for just two years.
39 year old Rohail Spall who has been accused of being a serial sexual predator will be walking the streets in just over three months again. His sentence was two years but since the time he's already spent in custody is being taken into account as well, he'll be walking free very soon.
Spall would put pills in the women's red wine when he took them out for dinner at fancy restaurants. Fortunately for his latest victim-to-be, a 28-year old banker, this dirty deed was spotted this time by the head waiter of the restaurant and he reported this to the lady. She remains very upset at the sentence because even she feels a man like him needs to be behind bars at all times.
Police not only found date-rape drugs in his pockets, but also found hundreds of them in his mercedes. Spall claims that he's taking the drugs to combat his chronic anxiety and claimed that he simply got their wine glasses mixed up and also denies date-raping any women in the past.
“We met in a bar in London. I was with one of my friends. He was with a few other friends and offered to buy us a drink. He seemed like a nice guy.
"He took my number and then continued to call me.
“I wasn’t that interested but he called numerous times. I thought why not? I arranged to meet him for a drink.”
On the night of the incident she said he encouraged her to drink, buying shots of tequila.
She said: “He was getting very drunk and I felt uncomfortable. I hadn’t eaten and he said about going for something to eat.
“He didn’t want to go round the area we were in, Canary Wharf. We had to wait for the driver of his car to pick us up.
“He sat next to me in the back of the car, making suggestive moves.”
She said they arrived at the restaurant and Spall encouraged her to drink red wine. They ate and then she got up to go to the lavatory.
She said: “I came back and a member of staff pulled me over and said the guy I was with had put something in my drink.
"I decided to call one of my friends and ask what I should do.
She said, ‘call the police’.”
Of the sentence, she said:
“I think he should have got longer"
I dont think just that one woman made a whole lot of difference. It would've made quite a significant impact on the case if all the other women he date-raped would've come out to support the fact that he should stay behind bars longer. Police should've used the other women as witnesses as well. Can't really do much for you ladies out there since there's no photo released of this guy so keep a hawk-eye on the next guy that offers to get you a drink.
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