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Baby Left in Shopping Cart Outside Store

By Carolyn E. Price     Mar 2, 2007 in Lifestyle
So, you go shopping for coats on sale at the local store, unload the cart into your trunk, get in and drive home. Forget something? Your 1-year-old kid, perhaps?
A 1-year-old boy was left sitting in a shopping cart outside a clothing store after his father drove away without realizing the child wasn't in his car.
The boy's father, Olwagbeminiyi Abiodun, 34, of Providence, R.I., was charged with misdemeanor reckless endangerment of a child after the incident at the Burlington Coat Factory store on Tuesday night.
"He thought he had put the child in the child safety seat prior to unloading the cart, and in fact he had not," police Sergeant James Keane said. "They drove off."
About 15 minutes after the Data left, a woman saw the child in the cart and took him into the store. Employess called police. When the father finally figured out that the kid was not with him, he frantically called the store.
"It was determined the child could have been outside anywhere up to 15 minutes unattended," Cote said. "He was properly clothed. Fortunately, the weather wasn't too cold, but it was dark. Fortunately, there was a good samitarian who located the child and brought him into the store."
Officials from the Department of Social Services met with Abiodun and his wife before giving the child back. "We didn't feel, at this point, that there are any future safety risks" a spokesperson said.
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