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article imageMohamad Al Fayed: 'You Nazi Bastards Killed My Dodi'

By brown_spongebob     Mar 2, 2007 in World
Chairman of Harrods, Mohamad Al Fayed lashed out at the royal family after a judge ruled the inquest into his son's death would be heard by an ordinary jury.
"A sensational High Court ruling means that Mr Fayed will 'get his day in court' and put his extraordinary allegations to 12 members of the public," The Daily Mail reports.
A report issued last year concluded the crash was an accident caused by driving too fast through Paris, but Fayed says they were murdered.
The way Mr. Fayed's been freely saying a lot of the harsh things, I'd thought he'd get into a lot of trouble. But I suppose when you look at it from a father's point of view, these are just the words coming out of a broken hearted father's mouth about his son's murder. Mr. Fayed had an emotional day at the court where the decision to have an ordinary jury was made.
"This country is ruled by donkeys. They are gangsters and murderers and Nazi bastards who killed my son," he said
He said: "I want Charles and Philip together in the court. These are the people who ordered the murder.
"I am certain when we see all the evidence and all the proof their (the jury’s) judgment will come definitely and approve my belief.
"How can this happen in a great country? Our politicians are like zombies. Tony Blair himself knows what happened to Diana and my son."
What's new to me is that Mr. Fayed continues to say that Tony Blair knows about the fact that this was a staged murder. Neither have I ever heard that in any sort of media before, nor am I ready to believe that.
Even if he did know, he certainly isn't about to go ahead and talk against the royal family like Mr. Al Fayed seems to be doing. For now, I guess we can say this trial will be run as an ordinary trial with the decision of not have a jury being overlooked. Will be nice to see where this heads.
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