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article imageN64: 10 years on

By Aaron Robson     Mar 2, 2007 in Technology
It's hard to believe the Nintendo 64 is actually 10 years old. It hit the US back in September '96, but today is the official decade mark of the N64's UK deployment.
Has it really been that long since we stood as teenagers in the then-new Virgin Megastore and watched in awe as some kid maneuvred his way skillessly across a spectacular landscape in PilotWings 64? Apparently so.
So now we look at its legacy - the innovations that helped shape gaming as we know it today. Ladies and gentlemen, please raise your glasses to... Nintendo 64.
What the N64 has gave us:
-N64's Expansion Pak allowed you to add extra memory to the console's architecture (you can do that now with the Xbox 360 and PS3, add a harddrive)
-Memory card in controllers (also found in the 360 now)
-First console to have four players built in the machine(Now in every new console, but PS3 can do eight)
-Making a 2D game, 3D (mario)
Although the N64 was revolutionary to today's standards in the world of videogames, the system is probably long since forgotten. You don't see any one dropping their nintendo Wii controllers to go play a round of the orginal super smash bros, or to go see if the old N64 works. But even though it doesn't seem that important, the N64 has influenced a lot of new systems. Another thing I realize is that the Xbox and xbox 360 has almost the exact same features of the N64, weird.
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