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article imageWhat is a directional, and why is it so important?

By rob13     Mar 2, 2007 in Travel
While driving to work today in a torrential downpour, I began thinking about car directionals. Why was I thinking about this car apparatus?
Well, let me tell you why as I settle down from almost being hit by a car trying to merge into my traffic lane.
Normally, merging traffic is an easy process. Granted in the pouring rain, merging into another lane may be harder, but the process is still the same:
1. Speed up to get ahead of the person you would like to pass
2. Use your directional to indicate your intentions of merging into the lane of the other driver.
3. Check your mirrors to make sure the lane is clear.
4. Merge into the other lane.
The process seems simple enough. However, what happens when step 2 is omitted? My guess is that you will hear the crunching of fiberglass. That is right-a car accident.
What you have to realize is car manufactures place a directional in moving vehicles for safety. That’s correct-SAFTEY!!! After all, do you think all drivers are mind readers so they you want to merger into his/her lane?
Maybe directionals are not used because drivers these days are not taught to use them? Back when I was learning how to drive, drivers ‘ed’ teachers hammered the point about using directionals into our heads. On the other hand, maybe it is just a Florida drivers thing? After all Florida is the NASCAR capital of the world. Maybe everyone driving in Florida thinks the roads a racetrack, because they sure do not use directionals in NASCAR!!
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