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Time Poll: Giuliani Leads Pack, is 'Most Favorable'

By bobSP     Mar 1, 2007 in Politics
Among the three leading GOP candidates, the Time magazine poll shows Giuliani leading his closest competitor, John McCain, by 14 points: 38% to 24%.
The polls were conducted last month among a group of likely voters in 2008 election. This is a huge turn around for the polls because at the end of January McCain led by 4 points--meaning Giuliani has had an astounding 18 point swing in the last 4 weeks.
On a bit of the lighter side of politics, pollers also asked who they'd choose as a boss, who would be a better teammate on The Apprentice, and who would do better in speed dating:
Giuliani took first in the best boss, and speed dating (edging out Barack Obama in the dating category by 4 points); he came in 2nd on The Apprentice vote, just behind Hillary Clinton.
This seems to echo the results of Rasmussen Reports' findings (in the last 3 major elections, Rasmussen has correctly predicted the winners and a very close proximity to the actual numbers about 95% of the time).
In the Rasmussen Reports' poll, Giuliani is seen as favorable by 70% of all likely voters, compared to 54% for McCain, 52% for Hillary Clinton, and 50% for Barack Obama.
The results for unfavorable are as follows: Giuliani- 27%, McCain- 38%, Clinton 47%, and Obama 34%. It seems that Clinton is the most divisive of all the candidates, garnering the staunch disapproval and the support of roughly 50% on each side.
In a mock election between the GOP front-runner and Democratic leader, Hillary Clinton, Giuliani received 52% of the vote versus 43% for Clinton.
Giuliani's biggest show political potency is his ability to grab independent voters: he got 64% of them compared to Hillary in the poll.
It seems this is the year of the moderate, with low disapproval rates and high approval rates of the three most moderate candidates: Giuliani, McCain and Obama..what do you guys think?
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