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article imageWhen did you stop being a kid?

By Viga Boland     Mar 1, 2007 in Lifestyle
How many of you remember the movie, "The Never Ending Story"? I didn't get it the first time I saw it, but my daughters got it immediately.
It took seeing it a couple more times for me to put it together. Why did it take me that long? Because I'm an adult, right?
With adulthood comes the loss of fantasy, of wonder, of the ability to make realities out of unrealities, and the joy in simple things. We become blase. It's the "been there, done that" syndrome. And once that attitude sets in, life changes. We're a bit more bored; we seek constant amusement and flit from thing to thing subconsciously looking, perhaps, for something to put the "wonder" and "full" back into "wonderful".
So it was with some great amusement and joy that I watched the young Aussie staying with us build his first snowman yesterday. He's nearly 22 but when he arrived here in November 2006, all he could think about was seeing snow. He kept wishing for a white Christmas that never came. And the only one who was happy when we got dumped with 60 cm of snow on Valentine's Day was him! Some of you may have seen the video I posted at that time:
showing him cavorting in the snow after he finished shovelling it. I thought that would end his fascination with snow, but it didn't. He was disappointed it wasn't packing snow because he wanted so much to build a snowman.
Then yesterday, he got to work and the result was our little friend below:
File photo
His mom in Australia begged him to build one to show her students. The kids wanted to see what a real snowman looked like. The request, and Andy's joy while he built the snowman reminded me of the NEVER ENDING STORY: the wonder, the fascination and the curiousity of children (even 21-year-old kids!) that we sadly lose as we age.
I'm not sure when I stopped being a kid but I know it was somewhere around 12 when my father decided to make me his sexual plaything. After that, it seemed life went out of its way to make sure I was never full of wonder again.
But before this turns morbid...and it's not supposed to be...I just wonder (see, I still have some wonder in me) when did all of you stop being a kid? Or are you, like Andy at 21, still a kid? Or will you never stop being a kid?
Before I wrap this up, can anyone help name Andy's Snowman? He desperately wanted a name for our frosty backyard friend who, incidentally has chocolate mints for eyes and of course, a carrot for his nose.
You'll notice he's wearing an Aussie t-shirt telling us all that Australia is the lucky country. With the snow already pelting down again outside, I have to agree with that T-shirt.
Ok..start wondering: what would you name the Aussie Snowman?
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