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article imageCrazy Taxi: Fare Wars - hands-on

By Aaron Robson     Mar 1, 2007 in Technology
In the days before Grand Theft Auto III, there was nothing quite like Crazy Taxi. A sunny, high-energy arcade adrenaline rush.
Those who played it for more than five seconds soon realized what Crazy Taxi was really about: bombing down gigantic hills at top speed while The Offspring and Bad Religion roared over the soundtrack.
It was a lot of fun seven years ago, but can it hold up today? Publisher Sega is betting it will, and they're sending Crazy Taxi, its slightly grittier sequel and a handful of new multiplayer modes rocketing onto the PSP this summer (appropriately enough) in a single UMD called Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars..
They asked a question, can the crazi taxi franchise hold up today. Looking at the views from all angles such as we have games like Gears of War, Rainbowsix, Resistance, and now everything is High Def, it looks unlikely. But I tell you one thing, and you are going to have to trust me on this one...It will. I'll tell you why. Take the Xbox Live arcade games for example, the games are really old, and the technology sucks (sorry people from the 70s). But yet, people are still buying them. This is because the people who are buying them are the people who played them when it first came out, sort of like an old times sake thing. So the same thing will happen with Crazy Taxi, people who buy it , played it before.
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