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Who the hell is Anna Nicole Smith and why should I care?

By rantsonfire     Mar 1, 2007 in Entertainment
I am friggin sick and tired of hearing about this gold digging, drug abusing, bed hopping, dumb as a rock bimbo who offed herself by self-abuse.
Why, OH, why does the press go into this moronic, blood thirsty, "bring out the two headed goat" feeding frenzy whenever somebody like ANS dies? For a solid week I couldn't turn on the boob tube, a high definition boob tube, mind you-- without some frothing at the mouth "journalist" telling me the latest tid-bit about her that I did not want to know.
I mean why do I care what was in her fridge?
Why do I care where they plant her body?
Why do I care who is the father of her baby?
Why should I care about the gaggle of vampire scavangers circling her corpse like a bunch of uninvited sin-eaters?
The whole circus brings out the worst in humanity.
The rich old fart that got all this rolling by marrying her must be somewhere laughing his ass off. I'm sure he got his jollies when he was alive, but he must be having a hoot of a time watching the fools now from his perch beyond the grave.
You know what the worst thing about the whole mess is? The press is not really responsible for their actions. They are only guilty of giving us what we want. That is really, really sad.
This is not a news article. Everything stated herein is my opinion and only my opinion.
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