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article imageBurnout Dominator - updated hands-on

By Aaron Robson     Mar 1, 2007 in Technology
Say you're playing any RPG or platformer, and your oversize-coated, boybandish hero is whacked with a mace over a cliff, sent tumbling down a ravine, finally grinding to a halt in a briar patch. Funny, but never a cause for celebration
So why is it, with so many racing games out there, that rolling a muscle car at 90 miles an hour is, time and again, one of the most satisfying experiences a gamer can have?
Anybody who's spent a legitimate amount of time in a game like Grand Theft Auto knows the hours that can be lost in attempts to kill a defenseless automobile. And we here at GamesRadar once again applaud the Burnout series for dropping the pretense of customizable suspension and hair-thin drive lines to better focus on the sweet science of metal mangulation. And after being garaged for over a year, the franchise is back in chaotic form with Burnout Dominator on the PSP.
God I love flying down the road, driving in intense speeds, ramming automobiles out of my way...Brings back memories. Oh yeah, I also like to do it in the Burnout games as well.
I think the Burnout series somehow involves every motorists fantasy against traffic jams, into one game of greatness, and that is what Dominator is about, screwing the law and pointless driving.
I think that my favourite feature of the burnout games has to be the feature that when you crash, and other cars are trying to race past you, as you fall apart in slow motion and pieces of your car flys everywhere, you can initiate self destruct. So self explanatory, you blow yourself up as well as everyone around you.
So to read more about the game, go to he full story and check out the new features and what not.
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