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Granny Finds Live Grenade In Sack of Potatoes

By geozone     Feb 28, 2007 in World
When 74-year-old grandmother Olga Mauriello purchased a sack of potatoes at her local market in San Giorgio a Cremano, Italy, little did she think there would be a real bomb amidst the spuds.
She found one of the spuds was covered in dirt. So she placed it in water to remove the grime. But this dirty little spud was heavier than a normal potato, way too heavy to be a potato. That is when Olga realized she was holding a bomb in her hands.
Police and explosive experts were called in and overnight, were able to safely detonate the grenade.
The pine coned-shaped device was of the type used in Europe during World War II by U.S. soldiers. This one had no pin in it and so was still a live grenade.
It is believed the grenade was plucked from the ground along with potatoes at the farm where the crop was harvested. Since no one noticed what it really was, it ended up in the sack of potatoes.
"If I hadn't felt its weight, I wouldn't even have realized that it was a bomb," said Olga, still shaken over her close encounter with death.
This woman was very lucky she realized what she held in her hand before the grenade exploded.
On a lighter note, though, had she cooked the bomb along with her potatoes, at least she would not have not to mash them.
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