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Icelandic Beauty Pageant for the Wrinkled, Saggy Breasted & Bodily Imperfect

By geozone     Feb 28, 2007 in Lifestyle
If beauty truly is in the eyes of the beholder, then the organizers of a new beauty pageant want to re-shape people's vision of what beauty is.
On April 18, the little town of Isafijoerdur, Iceland, population 3,200, will host an alternative beauty pageant where both men and women can participate. Contestants must be at least 20 years of age but there is no upper age limit.
So what if you have a wrinkly face that would make a pug dog proud or breasts that sag almost to the floor. The body imperfections which Western standards have deemd as undesirable are exactly what the organizers of this pageant are searching for.
"Anyone can make the rules about what beauty is; we want to change the rules," said one of the contest organizers. "We think it's just coincidence if you have big breasts. How come this is beautiful? We are trying to show how ridiculous this is."
Matthhildur Helgadottir, a self-confessed feminist, came up with the idea of the contest while talking with friends at a local pub in Isafijoerdur.
Though everyone, male or female, are welcome to enter, there is a stipulation that you must not have not plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons.
Organizers have yet to decide how they intend to rate the contestants or what prizes are to be awarded. Perhaps, thinks Helgadottir, the "fun and honor" of participating would be reward enough.
As of this reporting, 3 women and 2 men have entered the contest, though organizers are hoping as word spreads, more will register.
I doubt Donald Trump will ever sponsor a beauty pageant like this. But here is someone taking the initiative to make a statement about what beauty is or is not. You never know where it can go from there.
cruiseroo, I hope you don't mind I borrowed the wonderful image you shared with everyone the other day.
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