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article imageTwo Halo Betas? March and May?

By Aaron Robson     Feb 28, 2007 in Technology
A rumor is beginning to spread around the internet suggesting that there will be two different Halo 3 Betas, one for the competition winners, and one for the crackdown buyers.
If the rumor turns out to be right, the first session of the Halo 3 multiplayer Beta test will only be for competition winners and will begin on March 21.
Those that bought Crackdown, which includes an invitation to the beta test, will have to wait a little longer, as the rumor on The Above Domain says that a second session for those gamers will kick-off in May.
I think that Microsoft is trying to draw to much attention to themselves with Halo and now it is starting to get just the bit ridiculous. First it was the whol Halo portable fiasco for the cellphones and other hand held consoles (possibley for the DS), next it is the Halo Wars (real time simulator) for the 360 that is going to be released around the same time as Halo, then it was the Halo Beta thing, now the are going to be possibley two Halo betas.
I think that Microsoft is getting ahead themselves here while they try to get the leg up on Sony and Nintendo. They already know that Halo 3 will probably be their best seller for the year, and their trying to milk everything for what it is worth. But if they carry it to far, it might prove as a weak advantage. They are trying to push everything pro Halo, something unique and original. But if they do so much with Halo, it is no longer original, it is just another series of games.
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