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article imageRobot earns Xbox Achievement

By Aaron Robson     Feb 28, 2007 in Technology
A frustrated gamer has employed a clever method of unlocking one of Xbox 360's more mundane Achievement awards - just build a pad-hugging robo friend to do the boring work for you.
David Harr, a mechanic from Seattle, had one final task to complete in Perfect Dark Zero: Play 2,000 offline matches. As an achievement, this clocks in at a whopping 40 hours of spirit crushing menu juggling nonsense as you start and then quit, and then start another game in the desperate hunt for those 60 precious points.
Instead of reducing his life to such tearful monotony, however, he "reverse engineered the problem and came up with the xBot," David told BBC online. A deceivingly complex bundle of circuit boards, button-pressing pads and motors, the xBot was built to pump the two buttons needed to start and restart the required 2,000 games. David turned it on, left it running, and 40 hours later had unlocked the achievement.
That is freaking awesome, but with all do respect is one of the cheapest things I have heard. Well, next to boosting online in Rainbow Six Vegas for the 360 (people tie elastic bands around their controllers and the analog stick and walk away so they get experience points and it looks like they do something).
Plus it also takes the fun out of the game. Rather than spending the time to do what you are actually supposed to do when it comes to playing video games, he found a way around that so he wouldn't even have to play. Well, I never heard of someone so desperate to accomplish something in a video game, so he built a robot to do it for him. You know what the kicker is though? He probably spent more than 40 hours building the robot anyways.
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