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Is Fidel Really on the Mend?

By Sheba     Feb 27, 2007 in Politics
He made a surprise phone call to his friend, Venezuelian President, Hugo Chavez, on his live radio talk show. "I feel good and I am happy," says Castro...
Castro who ceeded power of the island nation of Cuba to his younger brother, Raul, last year in order to undergo operation has been away from the lime light for months sparking speculation that he may be dying of stomach cancer.
His call to Chavez was unexpected, the surprise in Hugo's voice was evident. The broadcast was later aired on Cuban media. In Tuesday's conversation, Castro mentioned a plunge in U.S. and Chinese stocks earlier in the day. Evidently, this is to dispel any speculation or arguments that the conversation was taped or staged.
Chavez ended his conversation with his mentor telling him: "We will win time and win the battle for life." "Fatherland or death. We will prevail!" the two leaders repeated after each other.
I know some DJers are skeptical but this guy may be on the mend for real...
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