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Adding Insult to Injury, Ombudsman Report

By soome2000     Feb 27, 2007 in World
"The Criminal Injuries Compensation Board has been, for the last decade, the government's dirty little secret."
Ombudsman Andre Marin, released another scathing report, this time he focused on the vastly underfunded Criminal Compensation Board. He says the board is a colossal failure that needlessly re-victimizes people.
"Al Almeida, whose five-year-old daughter Naomi was raped and murdered in 2001, recalled his terrible treatment at the hands of the board.
"They asked me, `How are you a victim?" ' Almeida recalled after attending Marin's news conference.
"What kind of question is that? My five-year-old daughter is just raped and murdered and they ask if I was injured in any way? Then they said if my daughter would have survived, we would have been granted more money."
The report entitled, Adding Insult to injury, states the board has been underfunded for years, while the Victims of Justice Fund has an $80 million surplus that the government refuses to use to compensate victims.
Marin also found the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board is obsessed with having its lengthy application forms filled out perfectly, saying it has an official document fetish.
"Joseph Wamback, whose son Jonathan was severely beaten into a coma by a group of teens, said he has given up on getting compensation.
"We withdrew our claim after waiting four years and never received a nickel of compensation," said Wamback.
It is so sad that victims would have to be treated this way, glad to see that the ombudsman even noticed.
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