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article imageChildrens Book: Use Of Scotum Word Updated

By timmack     Feb 27, 2007 in Lifestyle
This is an update to the earlier story I did on Digital Journal that was titled "Childrens Book Banned For One Word."
I'm updating the story now, because I just noticed that Buzzfeed has 17 links to the story and of course I just submitted our link at Digital Journal to the story, so I hope they will soon have eighteen links.
In the future some of you may want to submit your Digital Journal link to Buzzfeed after your story is posted, because they at least claim that they keep track of the most popular stories on the internet.
Anyway, the story about the librarians banning the childrens book for using the word scrotum got so many interesting and numerous comments at Digital Journal. I thought you might find it interestiing to see how others reported this story and reacted to it, and the comments that their viewers wrote.
In the very first link at Buzzfeed, the point is made that the school teachers most likely didn't want to use that word in class or explain it, as would be required if the book were adapted by the school. So banning the book was the only way that could be avoided. At least, that's a point I hadn't thought about before. So, at least, I found the links at Buzzfeed interesting.
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