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The 10 Worst Presidents

By photoguy     Feb 26, 2007 in Politics
It's too soon to judge the current one, but for past leaders, the verdict is in. Was Richard Nixon deserving of having been placed on the list? Will our current president make the list?
I thought that this was a very interesting post in the February 26, 2007 issue of US News & World Report. The writer, Jay Tolson, indicates that at least at this point, he is unable or unwilling to rank our current president. The writer’s selections generally seem to support what I remember learning in my United States History classes in high school and beyond. I noticed that he has listed President Nixon as being tied with Herbert Hoover for the 9th worse.
One can only wonder how our most recent president will be remembered in the light of his current record of blunders and denials. Will he be remembered for whatever good he might have accomplished? It is my personal opinion that he should certainly be ranked no better than perhaps a three-way tie with Nixon and Hoover for the 9th worse president.
The author includes the following summary of President's Nixon's accomplishments as president:
Nixon's failings were the stuff of dark tragedy: uneven judgment and a deeply suspicious character combined with great political gifts and considerable vision. He not only opened up U.S. relations with China but also reached an important arms-limitation agreement with the Soviet Union. He slowly, if not quite steadily, extricated America from the quagmire of Vietnam. He supported a number of progressive domestic policies, including the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency and the Consumer Product Safety Commission. He stepped up the war against crime on multiple fronts. But the drama of Nixon Agonistes concludes with his resignation under a cloud of wrongdoing. For obstructing the investigation of a petty crime committed by some of his own campaign operatives-an attempt to burglarize the Democratic National Headquarters-Nixon's name will forever be linked with one word: Watergate.
I remember that during the time that Nixon was president that he had a very impressive resume of achievements. The quote from the article that I have included lists many of them, including “extricating America from the quagmire of Vietnam”. As a veteran of Vietnam, it was very obvious that we were engaged in a no-win war, in which we had completely lost our focus on who we were actually fighting and why. Unfortunately, I fear that the war in Iraq has deteriorated into the same type of quagmire. Who are we fighting and why are we fighting them?
Please don't criticize me to harshly because of this post, but I have always had a great deal of admiration for Nixon. He, at least, was willing to take the fall for what came to be known as Watergate. I would venture the opinion that the severity of Watergate pails, when viewed in the context of some of the more recent scandals, such as the use “false intelligence” to justify our going to war with Iraq. Because Nixon was willing to take the fall for Watergate and resign as president in “the best interest of the country”, he is now scorned and ranked along with the other presidents, whom history has shown to have been failures.
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