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Next Time You Visit The Doctor - Ask To See His Diploma!

By Pamela Jean     Feb 26, 2007 in Crime
Medical Assistant during the week, "Doctor" on his days off. A 30 year old man has been arrested and charged with impersonating a doctor, as well as molesting his female patients during their routine exams......
The 30 year old man worked as a medical assistant at a government hospital. He had been employed there for 10 years.....turns out, he never had a medical degree of any sort!
Apparently being merely the assistant wasn't cutting it for him anymore. He decided to "play doctor" - working on his days off at various private clinics.
His cover was blown when a husband and wife visited one of the clinics he was working at and, after asking the husband to leave the room, he sexually molested the man's wife.
After leaving the clinic the two reported the incident to the police. Upon investigating the "doctor" in question, it was realized the man never had had any medical training whatsoever.
Guess he was in the "On The Job" training program - sort of the learn as you go deal huh?
Who is checking the resumes of the employees at that hospital, I ask you?
After reading this story I'll be looking alot closer at the diplomas on my doctors wall.
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