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article imageFlirting with Obama risks Clinton's wrath

By Carolyn E. Price     Feb 26, 2007 in Politics
Things that make you go hmmmm. Terry McAuliffe, 'Team Hillary's' campaign chair says: "that you're with us or against us". Hmmm. Haven't we heard that one before?
Powerhouse blogger Arianna Huffington had this to say about those in attendance at the recent 'Hollywood debut' of Barack Obama: "It's like being married, and suddenly you fall in love. You're a good person, and a loyal person ... you have a history with the Clintons,'' she said. "And you feel like you're cheating.''
If history is to teach us anything, it will show that Hillary treats her cheating husband a whole lot better than she treats those who she sees as slipping over to the Obama camp. The Clintons style of politics is an all or nothing one where you're either their friend or you're their enemy.
Huffington says: "The Clintons have made it very clear that, in the political world, no dalliances are allowed. There is zero tolerance for that. It's sheer loyalty versus sheer fear.''
Huffington says that this line of thinking is reinforced by the "constant e-mails being sent out about the senator's poll numbers, along with the implication that 'if you give any money to anybody else, you're on the outs.' And that when she is the nominee, and when she's the president, she will remember."
In the past, David Geffen has contributed 'generously' to Hillary's Senate campaign as well as to Democratic Party causes. He is now a backer of Barack Obama and is quoted as saying that Senator Clinton is disingenious and incredibly polarizing. It would seem that by calling Clinton a divisive figure and that she and her husband lie with impunity has started a war of words between the Clinton and Obama camps, something the Democrats did not want to happen.
The blunt message being sent from the highest level of the Clinton campaign is "that you're with us or against us. This isn't one of those races that you can max out (in contributions) to all the candidates. The message from Team Hillary is: We're ahead, we're going to be the nominee -- and we will remember who our friends are.'' So sayeth Terry McAuliffe, Senator Clinton's campaign chair.
As long as you give Hill-Bill the money and line up behind the woman who would be the 'Queen Bee' of all queen bee's, "we will remember who our friends are". I think perhaps the more proper bug comparison would be to a black widow spider?
What a woman. Each and every day it amazes me more and more that this woman is at the very precipice of becoming one of the most influential people in the world. To me, the question should be, how far will the US drop after she's through with it?
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