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article imageHeels Ranked #1 In World Survey of Sexual Fetishes

By geozone     Feb 25, 2007 in Lifestyle
According to Madonna, shoes are better than sex but a recent research survey shows most men and women think shoes are the biggest turn-on around.
The University of Bologna study used the internet as a data source for the largest global study of sexual kinks ever undertaken. Scientists monitored 381 discussion groups that had up to 150,000 members.
The number actually participating in the survey was estimated at a conservative figure of 5,000. Those surveyed overwhelmingly preferred body parts or features (33%) and objects usually associated with the body (30%). These were followed by preferences for other people's behavior (18%), their own behavior (7%), social behavior (7%) and objects which were not related to the body (5%).
Among those who expressed sexual preferences for body parts, 47% rated feet and toes as number one. When it came to objects associated with the body, 64% rated footwear (shoes, boots, etc.) number one.
"Feet and objects associated with feet were the most common target of preferences," said researchers.
Some of the more obscure and bizarre fetishes in the category of objects associated with the body were:
* 150 people ranked hearing aids as a sexual turn-on
* 2 were turned on by thoughts of pacemakers
* 12% were turned on by underwear
* 9% found coats, body fluids and body size sexually alluring
* 7% found hair a turn-on
* 5% were turned on by muscles
* 4% were turned on by genitals and modifications of the body such as tattoos
* 3% ranked navels, ethnicity and breasts as the number one turn-on
* 2% found legs, buttocks, lips, mouth and teeth the biggest turn-on
Ranking at the bottom of the barometer of sexual fetishes were stethoscopes, wristwatches, bracelets, catheters and nappies. Scoring at less than 1% popularity were body hair, ears, noses, nails, neck and body odor.
So what qualifies as a fetish? According to the researchers: "In everyday usage, fetish refers to sexually arousing stimuli that would not meet psychiatric criteria for a diagnosis of fetishism. In many cases, they may simply enhance sexual interest or satisfaction rather than being necessary for it."
As most of the known information in the field came from clinical studies of sex offenders, psychiatric patients and people in therapy, the University of Bologna researchers wanted to broaden the scope to the general population. Why and how people develop these fetishes in the first place is still unknown.
Whether experiences early in life play a role or not is speculative. But the scientists pointed out Freud viewed feet as a penis symbol. Other researchers have noted the the feet and genitals occupy the same region of the brain, hence perhaps accounting for the link between the two.
One last curiosity relates to the publication in which the study will be published: International Journal of Impotence Research.
Here are the top sexual fetishes in the category of objects relating to the body in order of ranking:
1. Shoes (shoes, boots & other footwear, also some items that are worn up leg)
2. Costumes (costumes & coats - this includes other whole-body wear
3. Jackets (jackets & waistcoats, including other garments worn on the trunk
4. Hats (hats, necklaces & other things worn on the head and neck)
5. Watches (wristwatches, bracelets, & other ornaments)
I get no kick from champagne
Mere alcohol doesnt thrill me at all
So tell me why should it be true
That I get a kick out of you
Like an old Sinatra tune goes.....
Hmmmm. Wonder if anybody here at DJ participated in the survey?
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