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Follow Up: Rat Infested KFC / Taco Bell Passed Health Inspection One Day Earlier

By malan     Feb 25, 2007 in Crime
Ahhhh RATS! This is disgusting!
Yesterday I posted a story about news cameras capturing footage of dozens of rats that had apparently taken over a KFC / Taco Bell restaurant in NY. Rats were observed scurrying across floors, jumping on tables and climbing into food trays.
As if this weren't bad enough by itself it has been pointed out to me (thanks Critical Conformity) that in fact this restaurant passed a review by health inspectors one day prior to the rats being caught on tape.
Health officials are now reviewing the failed health inspection to try to figure out what happened.
"It doesn't look like the inspection that was done Thursday met our standards," said Geoffrey Cowley, a health department spokesman. "I don't want to prejudge that. We're concerned and we're going to carefully revaluate that inspection."
The inspection was held due to complaints from people who had visited the restaraunt, but the inspector claims he did not see any problems or rats. The same restaurant passed 2 inspections last year but was fined$1,300 for violations including mice droppings.
The Health Department has officially closed the store until it can pass a very thorough new health inspection but many people are so disgusted at this point that they will most likely never visit the location and possibly avoid the entire KFC / Taco Bell food chain ever again.
"When I saw the news about the rats, I was like freaking out," frequent customer Kim Pagnottan said. "I was like holy (bleep). I was like oh my god. It's disgusting! "Now, it's like I don't want to even go out, I want to eat at my own house. I want to cook every day."
Eddie Rue, a now former customer, agreed.
"I will never eat in there again, definitely lost me as a customer," Rue said.
A former employee of the rat infested restaurant, Marcus Bonner also weighed in with his take on the situation saying "I quit because it was nasty. They don't use gloves to make the food. They use the same grease day after day after day. At night, the manager told me to put the chairs up. We don't sweep; we don't mop. So that's what the rats are eating off, the stuff that's left on the floors."
The New York State Restaurant Association is pleading to fast food eaters to avoid NY restaurants claiming that NY has the "finest eating and cleanest restaurants in the world".
Until the place is cleaned up the location will remain closed, the franchise owner released a statement today that says he "is actively addressing this issue."
This story is sad, sick and disgusting and although I've never been a big fan of fast food, especially after watching "Super Size Me" I can assure you that this story alone will keep me out of any KFC or Taco Bell location for the rest of my life.
>>Read the original story about the rat infestation here. And if you're out and about today looking for something eat, you might check the place out before you order?
Just added to DJ: Video footage of the rats in action:
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