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UFO in Maine? More Unusual Lights Fill Skies

By RobotGod     Feb 25, 2007 in World
From the Carolinas to Arkansas to the deserts of Arizona unexplained lights have filled the night skies of late . That means local news stations and 911 switchboards get calls as people try to explain what at times seems like the unexplainable. Since th
They got Calls from four southern Somerset County towns reporting strange lights in the sky Wednesday night. One reported seeing strange lights heading south. Another called the Naval Air Station, they said they were not aware of anything going on. Another said she saw three diagonal lights through the trees, then two and then one, just before it “burned up like a comet.”
The Vermont Air National Guard confirmed they were conducting training missions through that area Wednesday night, but as the article points out an F-16 would have made some noise.
Sightings have really stepped up lately. And though most cases can easily be explained away in the end, there is always that 1%. And that 1% has become a far larger percentage as it has added up over the years.
I have seen a few UFO's myself. And I am a rational person, who will tryo to explain it and look for any other explanation. SOMETHING is going on.
My theory is that if these are in fact other intelligences, and I think that is very possible, then they are not coming from space. If you look back through history, they have always been there. They are depicted in ancient paintings, cave walls etc.
Only 2 possibilities exist. They are US from the future. Or they are from neighboring dimensions next to our own, and perhaps pop in by accident, or with some agenda.
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